At the very core of the Alpes- de-Hautes-Provence, the Valensole plateau is renowned for its never ending lavender field, its wheat field and its almond trees.
At 600m over the see level, between the durance river and the Verdon river, we have exceptional days of sunshine in a pure atmosphere always renewed by the mistral wind coming from the north.

Since 1978, we cultivate 30 hectares of organic crops. The olive trees, lavender and almond trees are the main perennial crops. Wheat is cultivated in rotation with honey flower to restore the land.
Since 2005, we installed an olive mill so we can product our own olive oil, directly in our farm.

All our fields and productions are organic certified.
Our engagement at the organic food label is controlled and certified by and independent organism : VERITAS FR-bio-10

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