Terres Bonaventure in Valensole

terre de bonaventure Valensole en Provence Huile d'olive - Huiles essentielles  - Amandes - Miel issue de l'agriculture biologique
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Producer Direct Sale

PDO Olive oil

The protected designation of origin of Haute Provence has been created in 1999. This is a guaranty for the customer that the producer is respecting a charter of quality to produce an olive oil from traditional and hand crafted knowledge.

olive oil and lemon

olive oil and lemon Our lemon oil is an Aglandau monovarietal oil. The olives are pressed to maturity with organic lemons "primofiori", which we make come expressly from Sicily.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Literally the emblem of Provence, the lavender even gave the Valensole’s plateau the name of blue country. Calming, relaxing; Anti-inflammatory...