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Huile d'olive AOP bio de Haute Provence
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Colors of Provence - Organic lavender in Valensole
Organic Olive Oil of Haute Provence
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bienvenue-a-la-ferme-valensoleAt 600 meters altitude, between Durance and Verdon, the Valensole plateau enjoys optimal sunshine and a very pure atmosphere. Since 1978, we have been cultivating organic farming, olive, almond, lavender and aromatic plants. Durum wheat is grown in rotation with meadows and flower crops. We welcome transhumance herds for the supply of organic matter. Since 2005, an olive oil mill allows us to process our production directly on the farm.

Anxious to watch over each stage of the development of the finished product, we make our olive oils on site in our mill, and distill our lavender, helichrysum, thyme and other aromatics ourselves. Thus we guarantee you farm products, without intermediaries directly from the field to you. Throughout the year, the visits, the tasting and the direct sale at the farm of all our craft and gastronomic products allow us to share our profession, and our passions with you.

Vinaigre de vin rouge et rosé AOP AB

Organic Wine Vinegar

Organic PDO red wine vinegar, rich in aroma with notes of red fruits and undergrowth. Organic PDO rosé wine vinegar, discreet and fine with a hazelnut scent. 25 cl bottle.

Huile d'olive fruité vert AOP de Haute-provence

PDO Olive oil

The protected designation of origin of Haute Provence has been created in 1999. This is a guaranty for the customer that the producer is respecting a charter of quality to produce an olive oil from traditional and hand crafted knowledge.

huile d'olive goût à l'ancienne

Old-fashioned fruity olive oil

Today, extraction by cold centrifugation makes it possible to extract the oil on the day of harvest, while preserving the polyphenols and vitamins. However, in order to rediscover the tastes reminiscent of "the oil of yesteryear", we have mobilised (with other producers and our interprofessional union) to implement techniques to reconcile the quality and the typical taste of an oil made from fermented olives.


Free visit and sale at the farm

We are happy to welcome you to our new shop on the Terres de Bonaventure. All year round, visits, tastings and direct sales at the farm of all our...


médailles d'or à paris 2024

Our awards and medals

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