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Recolte des olives

We are happy to share with you our gold medal PDO olive oil from Haute Provence at the national olive oil competition in Nyons

An excellent olive oil to discover and taste without further delay!

Article dans Cuisine et Vins de France

Millennial trees

Silver medal in Paris 2019

Silver medal in Paris 2019

Huile d’olive AOP :
– Gold medal, concours générale agricole  Paris 2018
– Gold medal concours national Draguignan 2018
– Silver medal  concours Nyons 2018
Huile d’olive et citron :
– Gold medal concours Brignoles 2018
Huile d’olive et bergamote
– Silver medal concours Brignoles 2018

Silver medal in Paris 2019

La Provence June 2017
Harvest of the immortal
 La Provence June 2017
Provence May 2017
From the olive tree to the immortal
From farm to farm
La Provence
Distillation of essential oils
 La Provence
Gold medal
National Competition of Olive Oils of France
in Appellation of Origin 2017