Organic Lavender Honey


delicate, tasty, slightly fruity
Taste: delicate, long finish

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Organic lavender honey from Valensole
150g and 400g

The characteristics of lavender honey

– Texture: creamy in the first time
– Color: clear at harvest, golden yellow, but it whitens under the effect of crystallization.
– Taste: delicate, long finish.
– Perfume: distinctive, very pleasant.
– Aroma: delicate, tasty, slightly fruity.
– Conservation: excellent.
Kept in a cupboard away from light, French law provides for a two-year shelf life.

Our apiary consists of 50 bee colonies.
The hives remain on our farm from the flowering of almond trees in January to that of savory and saffron in October.
They winter on the spot taking advantage of the Roquette without ever transhuming.
We treat them with the utmost care even if at the end of the day, we steal part of their work from them. But it must be said that this nectar is so good that it is enough to taste the amber pearls which escape from the frames, to quickly justify our theft.
We only make 2 harvests a year, so as not to weaken them too much and to leave them enough honey reserve to
have a comfortable winter.
We sow honey plants in order to compensate for the scarcity of wild flowers and to enrich the resource throughout the year.
Lavender honey has a very fine flavor. Its clear and transparent color is typical.
It is a very popular honey, rare and often considered for its taste as one of the best honeys there is.

It is a natural product
It can be tasted in different ways:
sandwiches, herbal teas, pastry, confectionery, fruit salads, yogurts, desserts, ice cream …


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150 gr, 400 gr

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