Ripe fruity Olive Oil


Our ripe fruit is made with fruit harvested at full maturity in December. The dominant variety is our local Aglandau. Taste: the ardor and bitterness are reduced, allowing the expression of subtle aromas. This oil is ideal for raw vegetables, tomato salad (in season), to make your aioli or your mayonnaises.

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Ripe fruity Olive Oil

When we wait for December, the olives are tinged with red, burgundy and black, they start to lose their moisture and dry on the tree.
Thin hills and valleys are carved into its skin and the olive peels off the tree at the slightest gust of wind.
The olive then reaches full maturity. The end of the harvest must be done without delay as the mistral and frost threaten the fruit every day.
These olives will give a soft, round oil with great aromatic richness.
The ardor and bitterness of the Aglandau are attenuated, allowing the expression of subtle aromas.
It is then ripe apple and almond flavors that predominate and will go perfectly with your raw vegetables, salads and cooked dishes.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml
Energy          823 (kCal)
Fat                     92 (g)
of which satuates /  12 (g)
Carbohydrate                 0 (g)
of which sugars        0 (g)
Protein                               0 (g)
Salt                                      0 (g)

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