Gift box of three olive oils


A gift idea to discover our three olive oils: organic Aop olive oil, old-fashioned taste olive oil and ripe fruity olive oil. High quality olive oil with the flavours of Haute-Provence. Offer the pleasure of good taste found and shared!

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Box of three olive oils of 75 cl :

PDO Olive oil

The protected designation of origin of Haute Provence has been created in 1999. This is a guaranty for the customer that the producer is respecting a charter of quality to produce an olive oil from traditional and hand crafted knowledge.

Old fashioned olive oil
Ancient olive pressing techniques required the harvest to ferment in sacks of rutes for about 15 days. This had the effect of heating the olives and making their juice more easily extractable. This method brought about the appearance of numerous fungi and yeasts, linked to the fermentation, which altered the taste of fresh fruit.


Ripe fruity Olive Oil

Our ripe fruit is made with fruit harvested at full maturity in December. The dominant variety is our local Aglandau. Taste: the ardor and bitterness are reduced, allowing the expression of subtle aromas. This oil is ideal for raw vegetables, tomato salad (in season), to make your aioli or your mayonnaises.

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Weight 2400 g
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Agriculture biologique

Terres de Bonaventure

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